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The Mittagong objectives

Our July 1998 conference in Mittagong, NSW, plotted a new path for our movement. We formulated the following objectives of who we are as a community, and what we want to be.


To initiate and stabilise communication with our global student and church community; and to gain an awareness of the hopes, joys and struggles of our sisters and brothers worldwide.

To involve ourselves in the struggle of the marginalised through just and prayerful action that transcends "imposed" boundaries.

Faith and community

As the IMCSA we claim our catholic tradition and are called to away of life which challenges us both on an individual and a community level, to a spirituality and a theology which integrates justice, peace, creation, and action for social and spiritual transformation.

As the IMCSA community, we are open to dialogue with all faiths and beliefs.

Acknowledging the reality of our diverse Australian situations, we empower members to make IMCSA a lived reality at campus, regional, national and international levels.

We work to create an environment and community characterised by a profound mutual love and respect; one that includes and enables each member and community to grow in faith and live a "Jesus" spirituality in our daily lives.