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The Pastoral Cycle

IMCSA's defining method, which is at the core of our activities, is known as the "pastoral cycle" or the "circle of praxis". Four "moments" characterise this methodology:


1. Exposure: the moment of insertion, of touching the reality through objective observations and subjective feelings.


2. Analysis: the moment of asking questions of time, structures and values and their interconnections in order to understand the deeper reality of the situation.

3. Reflection: the moment of discerning the meaning of the situation in view of our shared values, our faith commitments, the teaching of our scriptures, the norms of our communities, the wisdom of traditions.


4. Action: the moment of planning concrete actions, taking the steps necessary, and evaluating the results in order to plan anew as necessary.

These four moments are described as being in a "cycle" or "circle" because the experience that is exposed, analysed and reflected upon undergoes changes in the active response taken (reality, consciousness and action could be said to share a "dialectical" relationship) and therefore we must go around in a never-ending cycle or circle that spirals deeper and wider.

pastoral cycle