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The International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) is a community of Catholic tertiary students from across Australia and the world. We are a movement with an orientation towards social justice and action, informed by the student experience of catholicity.

Our ongoing cross-campus communication provides a forum for exploring the role of young adults in today's church and society, and the hopes, joys and struggles of fellow students. By participating in IMCS, we are involved in the process of developing an Australian Catholic identity in the global context.

The life of IMCS also embraces the development of personal friendship, fostering campus communities, and the creation of a national and international network for the purpose personal growth and social transformation.

In Australia, IMCS is supported by the Bishops' Committee for the Laity and various campus student unions and guilds. We are also supported by Catholic chaplains and campus ministers.

NEWS: We are sad to report that our movement's openness, trust and democratic processes were recently abused by a small number of people with next to nothing in common with IMCS spirituality. These people have organised a stacking of our highest decision making body and have successfully taken over our organisation. Our organisational structures are currently being reviewed by genuine IMCSA members. This website is thus setup to help faciliate communications between these members, and the IMCS and wider community.